Tricia Takanawa
District/Event Unlocked: Asiantown
Building: PF Chinese
Requirements to Unlock
Facespace portrait meggriffin default@4x Pop a Zit
Facespace portrait loisgriffin rambo default@4x Guerilla Warfare
Facespace portrait petergriffin default@4x Roadhouse
Character-anime-peter-facespace Super Ultra Mega Fire
I'm standing here inside your game, where several Quahog citizens have reported a "Giant Sky Finger".

–Tricia Takanawa's unlock message

Tricia Takanawa is the sixteenth character featured in Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff, and is a Chinese (or Japanese) reporter for Channel 5 News. She is found in PF Chinese. She also features her trademark "I'm standing here" quote when you unlock her. When you get her when she is not unlocked yet, this is the part where you need Rambo Lois & Anime Peter. She is voiced by Alex Borstein.

Other Outfits Edit

Character-tricia-takanawa-facespace Facespaace portrait asianSchoolTrisTriciatakagagafacespace

Tasks Edit

Task Time Rewards Drops Requires Unlock Description
Icon-tricia-have-a-nervous-breakdown Have a Nervous Breakdown 1:00:00
20 Icon-coin 12 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-headband Freaking out...

Icon-peter-drink-at-the-clam Report Breaking News 2:00:00
30 Icon-coin 20 Icon-exp
Spray-tan Drunkenclam50pxnail Reporting Breaking News...

Icon-tricia-report-on-scene Report On-Scene 4:00:00
50 Icon-coin 30 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-sparkles Reporting on-scene...

Icon-tricia-sabotage-toms-mustache Sabotage Tom's Mustache 4:00:00
50 Icon-coin 30 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-mustache-cream Fg materials stolenplutonium Buildings-quahog-five-news Sabotaging a mustache...
Icon-tricia-seek-mothers-approval Seek Mother's Approval 8:00:00
80 Icon-coin 50 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-whip Building-we-heal-you-long-time Falling in mother's eye...
Dialfrequency Dial into Competitor's Frequency 8:00:00
80 Icon-coin 50 Icon-exp
News Truck Spying on Competition...

Interviewicon Interview Shoppers 12:00:00
100 Icon-coin 65 Icon-exp
Bagoforanges Building-stop-n-shop Interviewing Shoppers...

Reportonbabypandaicon Report on Baby Panda 24:00:00
150 Icon-coin 100 Icon-exp
Quahog Zoo Icon-level-07 Reporting on Baby Panda...


Selected Beginning a Task Busy Finished a Task Picked Up Dropped
"I'm standing here..." "It certainly does." "Back to you." ''And how about you?'' "Everything's fine, go back to your own business!"
"And how about you?" "What do you plan to do?"


  • She is the second character in Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff who doesn't require "stuff" to be unlocked. The first character was Meg
  • Her "Have a Nervous Breakdown" action looks similar to when she used methamphetamine in the episode, "Farmer Guy".

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