Quahog Fire Station No. 5
Building firehouse thumbnail v2@4x
Cost: 10,000 Icon-coin
Time to Build: 8:00:00
Exp for Building: unknown
Area/Event Unlocked: Civic Center
Area (LxW): 9x9
Character Unlocked none
Burning money
Time to Collect: 4:00:00
Collection: 30 Icon-coin
Exp Collected: 20 Expfromhouse
Possible Drops


The brave firefighters of Quahog Fire Station No. 5 are the best, brightest, and only survivors of the blazes that incinerated stations No. 1 through 4.

–In-Store Description

" These firemen are capable of putting out 99.9% of Quahog fires.The other one percent being the fires that surround the hearts of their ex-wives. And, y'know, those damn turkey dinners. - Wiki description