Furniture Store
Building furniturestore thumbnail v6@4x
Cost: 1,000 Icon-coin
Time to Build: 6:00:00
Exp for Building: unknown
Area/Event Unlocked: Pirate's Cove
Area (LxW): 8x9
Character Unlocked none
Discounting wood
Time to Collect: 6:00:00
Collection: 40 Icon-coin
Exp Collected: 25 Expfromhouse
Possible Drops

Icon-drop-varnish Icon-drop-ship-in-a-bottle

The best part about the furniture store is that you can get half off dressers if you make a dookie in one of the drawers.

–In-Store Description

This store really helps out if you want to get Seamus. This store gives you Varnish, which helps you out with painting and stuff...