Building church
Cost: 50 Icon-clam
Time to Build: 0:00:00 (instantly)
Exp for Building: unknown
Area/Event Unlocked: After Tutorial
Area (LxW): 6x7
Character Unlocked Jake Tucker
Collecting Rent
Time to Collect: 12:00:00
Collection: 60 Icon-coin
Exp Collected: 40 Expfromhouse
Possible Drops

No Known Drops

A respectable house of worship full of respectable people who all believe in a respectable religion.

–In-Store Description

The Church is a building in Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff. It's a premium building and can be obtained for 50Icon-clam at the shop just after the tutorial. After purchasing it's unlocking the character Jake Tucker instantly.

Trivia Edit

  • This church is seen in many episodes of the show including "Boys Do Cry," "And I'm Joyce Kinney," "Lethal Weapons," "Brothers & Sisters," and "Death Has a Shadow."
  • The church is the first building with an action that has no dots at the end.