Brain Damaged Horse
District/Event Unlocked: After Tutorial
Building: Quahog Derby Stables
Requirements to Unlock
120 Icon-clam

The Brain Damaged Horse is a animal character in Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff. He is a premium character that can be obtained when you purchase Quahog Derby Stables for 120 Icon-clam at the shop.

Other Outfits Edit


Quest to unlock Edit

Quest Whato Do Reward Money Reward Exp
My Special Pony…Pt.1
Character-facespace-brain-damaged-horse Gallop Majestically 100 Icon-coin 65 Icon-exp
My Special Pony…Pt.2
Character-facespace-brain-damaged-horse Stare Vacantly 200 Icon-coin 130 Icon-exp
My Special Pony…Pt.3
Character-facespace-brain-damaged-horse Lick Sugar Off 300 Icon-coin 195 Icon-exp
My Special Pony…Pt.4
Character-facespace-brain-damaged-horse Enjoy Glue 400 Icon-coin 260 Icon-exp
Facespace-portrait-chris Enjoy Glue
My Special Pony…Pt.5
Character-facespace-brain-damaged-horse Let Loose 500 Icon-coin 350 Icon-exp

Tasks Edit

Task Time Rewards Drops Requires Unlock Description
Icon-horse-let-loose Let Loose 3:00:00
45 Icon-coin 28 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-tattoo-ink Icon-level-05 Letting loose...

Icon-chris-eat-sugar Lick Sugarcube Off Peter's Butt 7:00:00
75 Icon-coin 48 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-bone Building griffinhouse 50pxnail v6@4x Icon-level-03 Licking sugar...

Icon-horse-gallop-majestically Gallop Majestically 12:00:00
85 Icon-coin 56 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-carrots Majestically galloping...

Icon-horse-stare-vacantly Stare Vacantly 15:00:00
110 Icon-coin 73 Icon-exp
Icon-drop-eye-shadow Quahogderbystall50pxnail Icon-level-02 Staring vacantly...

Icon-chris-enjoy-glue Enjoy Glue 21:00:00
140 Icon-coin 90 Icon-exp
Building griffinhouse 50pxnail v6@4x Icon-level-04 Enjoying glue...


  • The Brain Damaged Horse makes various horse noises such as whinnies and grunts.

Trivia Edit

  • The Brain Damaged Horse is dead in the show, but alive in the game.

Appearance in Family Guy Edit

The Brain Damaged Horse appears in Family Guy episode "Family Gay", when Peter had to buy Beans but instead he bought the retarded horse. Peter named the horse "'Til Death". Lois didn't like the idea, but she later agreed to keep him. This however proved to be a bad idea because the horse creeped out everyone, brought problems, and big debts worth over $100,000. The horse died of a heart attack, so Peter, in order to dispose of the body, flung the it at Goldman's Pharmacy with his car. Peter then had to search for a second job to pay the debt. He found it: being a test object for medical experiments. The experiments made him gay.

For more info to the episode, visit Family Guy Wikia: Family Gay.

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